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As a Graduate Gemologist (GG) Kelly Wade Fry provides the utmost knowledge in diamonds and colored gemstones. Whether you begin your process with re-purposing stones from pieces you no longer wear or decide to start from scratch, we make the process simple and enjoyable. Transforming your heirloom pieces into something that you will wear to create your own story is our absolute favorite. Our team will work their hardest and walk you through each step to create your own unique design.



Design Inspiration- Schedule a consultation or stop in our store. Think about designs you enjoy. If you have pictures, bring them with you or send them to us at info@kellywadejewelers.com. If you don't have a specific idea in mind, we can assist with your inspiration by looking through social media, catalogs and our in-stock jewelry.


Once we have the design planned, we will bring your jewelry to life with a sketch or in many cases a CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Then we will continue this process until every precise detail is to your liking!


After design completion is approved, we will provide a cost estimate and time frame. A deposit will then be placed and work on the creation will commence. Depending on the complexity of the job, the process until completion is approximately 4-6 weeks.


As soon as your unique piece of jewelry is complete, it will be inspected to perfection and you will promptly be called to come in and see your creation!